Home Improvements

Kitchen Remodeling– We handle all aspects of your Kitchen remodeling. From just a simple remodel of new counter tops and some new appliances to a total remodel of the kitchen with a total tear out and move walls and rebuild the entire kitchen from the ground up. There are so many options and possiblities it is endless. You give us the ideas you want and we will go from there to help you create your dream kitchen.

Bathroom Remodeling– We handle all aspects of your Bathroom remodeling. From simple remodel of new toliet and bathtub to a entire tear out and start new from the ground up. There are so many options and possilbities it is endless. You give us your ideas and we will help you create the relaxing bathroom you desire.

Windows, Insulation and Sealing air flow Do you need to lower your electric bill and make your home more energy efficent? We can help by makeing sure your home is well insulated and sealed. We can blow in insulation in your attic to increase your R rating and help make the home more energy efficent. The attic is where you loose alot of your heat in the winter as heat rises and your attic stay’s cold however if you have the attic well insulated it keeps that warm air from rising into the attic then out the roof. In the summer the insulation helps keep the cold airconditioned air in the house below instead of allowing it to escape into the attic. It also helps keep the heat coming from the roof and attic area from coming down into the house.

Windows will also help lower your electric bills by makeing your home more energy efficent. We can help you by replacing your old worn out windows that are leaking air with some energy efficent windows. There are several options on windows that all range in prices so the possiblities are plentiful. We can help you find something that will fit your homes needs and in your budget and will make your home much more engery efficent.

Sealing up open gaps in molding around windows door and receptical outlets helps stop energy loss. We can make these changes and more that will lower you electric bill.

Room Additions- We handle all room additons from just a simple room addition to your house to a more complicated 2nd story addition. We can handle it all. Let us add on to your existing house to give you that extra space you desire and need to make your existing home your dream home. We can add on your addition and make it look like it has always been there. We will blend in the roof line with the existing house so that it looks like it was all built at the same time and not like and addition. We can take your ideas and plans and make them into a reality.

Garage and Attic Conversions– We can handle your garage conversion needs and attic conversions. Do you want to take that Garage and convert it into extra living space or maybe you want to turn that Attic space into extra living space? We can make it happen. We can take your ideas and needs and make them a reality and give you that extra space you desire to make your home fit your needs better.

Garages Do you need a garage built? We can make this happen for you. We can add a garage to your house if the property line permits and make it look as if it was there when the house was built. We can put in a roof line that will blend right in with the existing house and not look like and add on or we can do a detached garage on your property to match your house and give you that space you need.

Decks– Are you wanting to add some extra outdoor living space to your back yard? If so we can help you make that happen. We build decks for homeowners alot in the Knoxville area as people in Tennessee like to have that extra outdoor living space where they can barbeque or just hang out with their family and friends and enjoy the outdoors. The options for a deck are endless. We can take your ideas and make them reality by adding a beautiful new deck or decks to your back yard and expand your outdoor living space.